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Adrian Blake
Playtime: 00:34:43 Minutes

We are proud to present another new 4K production! Enjoy eyeball bleeding perfect detail and quality in Forget the Dishes featuring busty Adrian Blake and her girlfriend Honey! Adrian is visiting her next door neighbor Honey and they are chatting together while Honey does the dishes. During the conversation, Adrian complains that her husband is looking at too much porn and she is so bored. Honey reveals that she too is bored in her relationship. Well, Adrian decides to go hang out by the pool and invites Honey to join her. Honey says she needs to finish up the dishes first and will meet her out there. But after Adrian tans for a while, she gets so turned on by her own hands rubbing the tanning oil into her skin, that she starts masturbating. Well, of course she get carries away and Honey walks in on her, catching her in the act. Honey says dont stop on my account, strips down herself, and hops on top of her friend. After that, the stuff of fantasies occurs, and these two bored young women fuck the holy hell out of each other outside under the pool shower. Enjoy!

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